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The Challenge

Ferrartis were asked to improve the design and performance of an existing winch which was used on the front of a track maintenance vehicle to lift rails. The original unit was becoming unfit for purpose due to the obsolescence of spare parts, its rough treatment on site and potential dangers in operation caused by the instability of the machine and inherent twisting and jamming of the chain.

The Solution

The design created by Ferrartis was based on a bespoke casing with a cranking handle. This unit addressed the instability issue of the original model which was cured by a lateral lockable sliding platform that also eliminated the need for steel rollers. The winch is designed to remain on the track maintenance vehicle which eliminates damage caused by constant removal and re-fitting of the unit.

The Result

The durable and robust unit has been highly acclaimed by users in field trials and has undergone rigorous testing to show that the chain will break at 10.3 Tons which is more than ten times the weight of a track rail.

The winch also has a positive switch for up and down modes to increase the safety and reliability of the unit.

The Rail Hoist has been designed to fit onto a sliding rail on the front of a vehicle or a wheeled version for use in a workshop environment.


Improvement in stability of mounting

Increase in lifting capacity