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Originally incorporated in 2009 as part of a Business Development Strategy to compliment the successful
manufacturing facility of MDB Associates Ltd (Est 1996).

Today, following recent restructuring of management and remodelling of the company, the current shareholders vision for the future is to concentrate its efforts on a long standing, but widely overlooked problem within the industry, Storage and Logistics of Component Parts, whilst working on a focused strategy of servicing the Rail Industry combined with a controlled expansion of the company’s profile on a Global scale.

With the focus now being firmly set by the shareholders, Ferrartis Ltd rebranded to Ferrartis Group Ltd, to enable the birth of divisions within the company to facilitate its expansion strategy effectively.

These divisions are monitored under the brand of Ferrartis Rail Division. They include: Ferrartis Product Development, Ferrartis Logistics, Ferrartis Storage Solutions & Ferrartis International.

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Storage Solutions

Ferrartis Storage Solutions and partner Unipart Rail, project manage and facilitate the growing demand for off site storage of train spares

International Logistics

Ferrartis International Logistics Centre controls the through flow of component parts

Product Case Studies

View a selection of our product case studies and see how our clients are benefiting from our products.