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The Challenge

The design and manufacturing challenge was to create train axle storage units that could accommodate 2 or 4 axle sets that offered full protection of the axle and was also stackable 5 high. Conventionally train axles are stored on wooden pallets, 2 to each pallet, so a new stacking method and frame construction was required to meet the client’s requirements.

The Solution

A very strong frame construction was used for both types of
axle sets that incorporates a “C” shaped bar at each end of the frame. This bar is painted yellow to highlight the added protection provided to the protruding axle area. The frames are also fitted with polypropylene pads on the axle contact points to further protect the product.
The storage unit has a 10 year warranty and can be used for holding the axles during the pre and post-machining stages of manufacture as well as storage of the finished product.

The Result

The separate space saving storage units for 2 or 4 part axles can be stacked 5 high, so the original footprint space utilisation increased from 2 to 10 axles stored in the same area. The protection to the end section of the axle increased significantly and the versatility of the frame means that they can be used both in manufacturing and warehouse locations.


Saving of storage space

Reduction in warehouse costs

Improvement in protection provided