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The Challenge

The transportation of train seats from the supplier in Spain to the UK required a more secure means of transport to prevent the items being vandalised or damaged in transit as well to increase the number of units that could be shipped in a haulage vehicle. Discussions with the client also identified that there were issues with excessive packaging materials which were expensive to dispose of, the significant time that was spent to remove the seats from the transport and packaging; and the excessive handling cycle from delivery to site to delivery to the lineside of the train manufacturing site.

The Solution

Taking a holistic approach to overcome the issues identified, Ferrartis developed a secure, cost effective and reusable transportation stillage that addressed the operational problems and provided a unit that was designed and pro-typed in a few weeks from the initial meeting with the client.

The transport stillage incorporates the following features:

  • Design interchangeability for a range of seats and can be adapted for other components
  • A collapsible frame so the stillage can be returned to Spain for the next consignment at an economical transportation rate
  • The stillages are stackable to halve the original transport costs, that self finances the cost of the new transportation frames
  • Inclusion of quick release clamping system to significantly reduce loading and unloading times

The Result

The combination of the unique design solution has created a totally vandal-resistant method of protection for the train seats and at the same time maximised the utilisation of the transport space to cut the freight costs by 50%.

To help the processing of the delivery in the UK by the train builder the transport stillage allows for quick inspection made possible on the unit which significantly reduces the handling cycle time and the unique Ferrartis designed quick clamping system facilitates fast loading and unloading of seat units in the factory. The transport units have also provided a significant improvement in floor space management in the factory and the flat pack bolt together kit enables the units to be easily transported for export based projects.

In addition, there has been the elimination of the use of new packaging materials and subsequent disposal costs as the original seat dust covers are returned to the manufacturer with the stillage unit for re-use.


Transportation cost reduction

Reduction in processing time

Saving of storage space

Security of shipment